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  1. Jonathan Ball

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    Just a hypothetical question...

    Was in discussion with a few mates at work and were talking about Spitfire's. If you were to construct a replica Spitfire today (and that must cost a small fortune) how much would a Merlin Engine cost to purchase from e.g a private collector or museum?

    I know it's a daft question but there are half a dozen of us who would love to know!


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    Jonathon, it's worth perhaps noting that there are a couple of firms in the USA and at least one French one IIRC that actually DO market 4/5s or 2/3s scale replicas of the Spitfire....but they certainly don't use Merlin engines!
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    Jonathan Ball It's a way of life.

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    I see Guy Martin may have joined the 'pleasing loons' I mentioned earlier.

    Not that he wasn't quite a pleasing loon already...

    Ah, couple of quotes from the man.
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    Just over a grand for most of the bits to make a cosmetically repaired crash damaged engine fit for static display.

    The innards are keeping the ground runners going.


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    Sheds, can be marvellous places.
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    That's how the first Meteor tank engines came about, isn't it?

    Recovered Merlins were no longer considered fit for airplanes but OK for other uses.
  15. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

    Here's his Merlin powered Bentley. He's almost finished building a Merlin two seat roadster on a Rolls Royce chassis.

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    Jay has the best toys.
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    Production of the Merlin ceased in 1950.In those days in the RAF there were abundant spare engines.Over the years as the piston engine equipped aircraft declined in favour of the jet equipped aircraft,I would think that many engines who failed to be disposed of for aviation use went to disposal contractors who if they could not find a market for the engines sent them to the breakers yard.

    From my recollection in the early 1950s they always seemed to fail on long range detachments to the Middle East or Far East.In those days the RAF had multi staging posts from Gib through Malta,Libya,The Canal Zone,Habbanya Pakistan,India,Singapore and on to Hong Kong and there were always reports of replacement Merlins being flown out for engine changes to these staging posts.

    (As an aside I have being looking at Dave's posting of the technical reports into the loss of Halifax LL 505 which draws some interesting statistics of the piston engine,in this case the Merlin XX.)
  18. Dave55

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    Looks like Leno finished his Rolls. Can't wait to see one of his videos on it. It looks even better than his Bentley. License plate says "WW2 V12" :)

  19. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

    Here it is. Stunning.

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