Royal Navy 1939/45 Star - with a Rosette?

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    A friend has sent me an image of a relative’s medal ribbon. I have the man’s name. He apparently served in HMS Exeter at The Battle of The River Plate.

    It’s a 1939/45 Star ribbon, with a rosette attached, plus the Navy LSGC ribbon. Image attached.

    My initial thought is that it reflects an incomplete WW2 Campaign medal entitlement as of 1944 when only the 1939/43 Star and Africa Star had been authorised?

    When the complete medal rules were drawn up post war the only emblem authorised for attachment to a 39/45 Star were for aircrew who served in BOB 1940 and in recent years for Bomber Command personnel.

    I’ve seen Naval WW2 Campaign Medal Groups with rosettes attached to other Stars but not 39/45 Star.

    I’m just wondering if RN Personnel entitled to 39/43 Star were awarded a rosette to signify an entitlement to the Africa Star until the new post war rules came in to force.

    Hugh MacLean can you assist please?



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    Hi Steve,
    RN personnel were not entitled to a rosette on the 1939/45 Star. I do not know of any instruction to allow the wearing of a rosette on the 1939/43 Star to those who also qualified for the Africa Star.
    I have seen clasps and oak leafs incorrectly pinned on the wrong ribbons though.

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    Thanks Hugh.

    I thought it wasn’t an officially issued emblem.

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    Some RN personnel - mostly Fleet Air Arm - were lent to Fighter Command to make up for a shortage of pilots but they were officers and would not have an LSGC then. Don't know if any Ratings air crew were used in the battles in the north in multiple crew aircraft - worth investigating; that's my strawman? But to say that the RN was not entitled to the BoB bar and rosette is not completely true.

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