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    Hi All,
    Another loose end to resolve.

    From research I understand the following:-

    Despite having the records and last address of all servicemen and women the Government decided that eligible service personnel had to visit the Post Office and pick up, fill in and return an official postcard (C.S. 20) to claim their medals.

    The C.S. 20 provided an opportunity to provide a current address along with listing, which medals the person was claiming and entitled to, with postage paid by the Government.
    These postcards were stocked in Post Offices from Monday 31st May 1948 for ex-members of the Regular Army, the RAF, and the Army and Air Force women’s services, the Merchant Navy and the Home Guard, as well as members and ex-members of the supplementary reserve and of the Territorial Army.

    The Royal Navy medal issue followed sometime later.

    Can anyone confirm if ex-service personnel from the Royal Navy used the same C.S. 20 postcard, when they were able to claim their WWII medals?

    Many thanks.

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    Thanks for the reply Tim.

    I saw that website and another hence my question.

    The other website has a very good description of the distribution process but in the text the words are "Arrangements for the Royal Navy will be announced later".
    The other website

    I would agree it suggests there was another form or maybe process for Naval awards. The search continues.

    Many thanks for your time Tim.

    Best regards,

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    It seems that the Royal Navy application for WW2 medals was also being tied to the application form for Naval Prize Money and that applications had not yet been invited as of Jan 1949.

    As of 3 May 1950, It is estimated that about 80,000 eligible persons have not yet made a claim. These should write to the Director of Navy Accounts, Branch 3B, at Bath, for the necessary application form.

    Some information taken from Hansard

    Medals (Claims)

    HC Deb 26 January 1949 vol 460 c144W 144W

    § 120. Brigadier Medlicott

    asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty what proportion of the total number of sailors believed to be entitled to medals for the late war have so far sent in their claim.

    § Mr. W. Edwards

    Applications for campaign stars and medals which will be combined with applications for prize money have not yet been invited.
    Medals and Campaign Stars

    HC Deb 29 March 1950 vol 473 c48W 48W

    § 96. Commander Noble

    asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty when officers and men not now serving who have already received their prize money, may expect their medals and campaign stars.

    § Mr. Callaghan

    I hope this task will be finished by the end of September, 1950.

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    Hi Hugh,
    Yet again you are a font of knowledge so thank you for your time to reply.

    The full address for Bath is shown on the small brown 'Official Paid' cardboard box Dad's medals were sent in. The medals are still in that box and I am the family custodian.

    Director of Navy Accounts
    Branch 3B
    ’D’ Block
    Foxhill Hutments

    I also emailed a few questions to the other website's 'contact' and he tells me that Naval Application forms were in the Post Office from 1 June 1949 onwards.

    My story of Dad's wartime service is very nearly complete with this latest information. Have a TNA visit booked to view ship movement records, to see if a final loose end can be sorted out.

    Many thanks for all your assistance / time along with anyone else that has posted replies to my questions on this forum.

    Best regards,

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