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    Hi, having not long received my father in law's records in the Royal Signals as a Despatch Rider (D/R), initially, he later went on to become a Driver Mechanic (DVR). I am trying to understand some of the codes used. He was in India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). He was posted from one unit, ALF Signals in Ceylon to 14 DR Section in January 1945. Anyone have any ideas as to the actual names of those units please.
    After leaving Ceylon and returning to UK, he was sent to NWE (North West Europe), Draft RMWHF TOS X4A list 53 RHU and BAOR(British Army of the Rhine). I'm asking if anyone knows the translation of RHU and RMWHF.
    Any help will be most appreciated.
    Thanks guys
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    It is often better if you post the pages so that the context can be seen.
    RHU = Reinforcement Holding Unit
    RMWHF is the draft code and doesn't mean anything. It is a code to keep the draft, their baggage and their equipment together.

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    ALF Signals = Allied Land Forces Signals, South East Asia.
    14 DR Sec = 14 Despatch Rider Section
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    Thanks guys, but just to confirm, I've uploaded 2 pictures showing the detail. Thanks so much
    Chas Marsh.png Chas Marsh2 1.png

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