Searching names casualties Royal Canadian Dragoons.

Discussion in 'Canadian' started by Klaas Rein Noppert, Nov 24, 2023.

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    Hello to you all.
    On April 12-16 1945 there where some casuaities near Mildam(and other places the province of), Friesland, the Netherlands.
    I do have a list from Lt. Col. Landell from his well written book but no known place were recorded.

    If a Canadian soldier got wounded did he automatically get wounded stripes? And if so, s there a list I can look at?
    Or, if no, how can I find a wounded soldier connecting with a place.

    Cheers for now,
    gewonden 1.jpg

    gewonden 2.jpg gewonden 3.jpg gewonden 4.jpg gewonden 5.jpg
  2. Klaas Rein Noppert

    Klaas Rein Noppert Active Member

    I was thinking last night.
    Suppose seriously injured soldiers are cared for in a field hospital south of Friesland, for example Gelderland, is that unit also keeping a record of the names of the wounded?
    For which unit of wounded care could that be just after April 14, 1945?
    Have a great weekend.

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