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    Just watched Secret Army (not the drama) but the 8 part documentary series from a few years ago about the secret Auxiliary Units set up throughout the country to form a British Resistance Unit if Adolf ever got his jackboots over here. Gladly not needed. Very interesting and some great anecdotes from the veterans. Only problem is it is on Amazon Prime, so if you have got Amazon give it a watch. I don't think it is available anywhere else I did a quick search on youtube, google etc but nothing came up.
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    Just looked for the link and each episode is 24 mins, charged at £1.49 each. The series is from 2010. See: Watch Secret Army | Prime Video

    This appears to be the main history site, partly due to veteran involvement: British Resistance Archive | Churchill's Auxiliary Units | A comprehensive online resource. and this is a spin-off with a shorter account: Churchill's Secret Army

    The later records a curious example of Whitehall ignoring their contribution:
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    Thought this was rather good:


    Don't have the knowledge to judge really, but reads well & he takes the subject seriously.
    Much reference to ex-members & a feeling of a difficult trawl through an apparently murky & partial paper trail.
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    If you have amazon prime it is free. That site is very interesting David especially when you start reading the local stuff and the upcoming update should be informative.

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