Sergeant 1381575 Oscar Ackerman, 5/7/1942-5/3/1944?

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    Sergeant 1381575 Oscar Ackerman (wireless operator/Air Gunner) was one of two survivors of Wellington Bomber ES.981 which was shot down in the Sidi Barrani area on the 27th of June, 1942. At this time he was a member of 108 Squadron. Son of Gilbert Oscar and Emilie Ackerman; husband of Barbara Jean Ackerman, of Cardiff, he "died on the 5th of March, 1944, and is buried in St. Bride's-Super-Ely Churchyard, Cardiff. Does anyone know what happened to this airman. All I know is he parachuted out of the plane, met up with a 7th Armoured Division unit and made it back to his unit, 108 Squadron, ok, but "badly shaken" Next information I have on him is his CWGC entry Casualty

    Cheers Mike
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    RAFCommands Forums

    Alan Clark

    Peak District Air Accident Research

    Peak District Air Accident Research

    The following is from the No.1 SPTU ORB, stationed at Cark,

    March 5th 1944, “Ansons EG592 and EG231 crashed in the Irish Sea. Seven occupants 4 killed, 1381575 F/Sgt Ackerman, O.G. Wop/Air. 1238712 Sgt Muddell, W.H. Pilot. 1600319 Sgt Prior N.V. Pilot. 1360353 W.O. Roper, L. Wop/Air. 3 missing believed killed 750482 Sgt Bull, J. Pilot. 1395173 Sgt Cox R.C. Pilot. 1393064 Sgt Prentice, C.F. Pilot.”

    Some of the bodies were recovered to No.4 (O)AFU at West Freugh

    March 5th 1944, “Three bodies of the crews of aircraft from RAF Station Cark were picked up by 64 ASR Base and brought to this unit. They were subsequently sent to their next of kin for private internment.”


    Oscar George Ackerman (Br. 1927-31) — Brighton College - Remembering the fallen of Brighton College
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    Hi Kyle, many thanks for this. I found the photograph but not the information. Excellent. Thanks again

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    A few of questions.

    What caused the crash?

    Were they part of a specific squadron?

    What was their role at this time

    Is there a diary for this unit

    Thanks Mike
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    From "Bomber Losses in the Middle East and Mediterranean Vol 1: 1939 -1942" by David Gunby and Pelham Temple

    26 -27 June 1942

    108 Sqn Wellington IC ES981 "A" Op: Sidi Barrani

    Sgt PJK Street+
    Sgt LA Lister+
    Sgt ME Warburton+
    Sgt. O Ackerman
    Sgt JE Brooks inj
    F/Sgt GAK Hunter+

    Took off 2100, Kabrit, to attack enemy targets at Sidi Barrani. Attacked by JU88, which started a fire in the aircraft. Sgts. Ackerman and Brooks met units of the 7th Armoured Division. The dead are commemorated on the Alamein Memorial.


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    The fatal crash involved a mid air collision between Anson EG592 and Anson EG231 both crashed into the Irish Sea. I would assume there would be an inquiry ? Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can advise further?

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    Thanks Dave.

    Thanks Kyle. I looked up carashes involving Anson aircraft and was quite shocked. During and after the war there seem to have been quite a number, including another mid-air collision.

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    That’s a photo of my mother in law’s brother... he was in hospital for a while after that in Belgium, and back in a plane probably quicker than is a good idea. He was shot down over the English Channel very soon after, just before the birth of his only child.

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