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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by DanMorris1989, May 25, 2015.

  1. RobM

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    Seems like I am a little unlucky, given some of the above, I applied in April 2020, when chased got the ref number and told opened in Mid October 2020. My last contact with Glasgow had been early Feb so I chased last week and was told they are unable to even give me a rough estimation of when i will receive my grandad's records. I told them I find that they are unable to even give me a rough estimate disappointing as I've been patiently waiting for over 15 months.
  2. RobM

    RobM Active Member

    I received my grandad's military records yesterday with lots of paperwork and a letter of apology for the delay. The MOD also returned my cheque and asked I send a new one. Nice one, appreciated to expedite the process !
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  3. Sent off for three (3) Army records Sept 15, 2021.

    I used 3 bank drafts in pounds sterling issued by my Canadian Bank.
    Lets see how long this takes.
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  4. GeorgyB

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    I applied for my father-in-law's service record in June 2021 and received an email acknowledgement today, apologising for the delay and saying they would write in due course...
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  5. GeorgyB

    GeorgyB Member

    And it arrived today. So that seems pretty quick after the delays of last year.
  6. GoldmanT

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    Just to clarify, what was it that arrived, another holding letter? I probably applied about the same time as you and just received the email this morning.

    One of the attachments seemed to say that medical records and disciplinary records are never disclosed, regardless of next of kin or date of death - is that the case, and has it always been the case? A shame, as that was the most interesting part of the WW1 records I'd managed to download for someone else.
  7. GeorgyB

    GeorgyB Member

    The copy of the service record arrived.

    I took the attachments as just being general disclaimers. Saying that, the one I have received is not as detailed as some I have seen online, but I think from what I've read they can be quite variable as to the amount of information included? I'm still pleased I applied for it though, and would reiterate that it's always worthwhile because from the small amount of information I already had, I'd assumed that my father-in-law was in the 2nd Hampshires and fought at Tebourba. But the service record reveals he was 1/4th battalion and the dates reveal he must have been wounded in the battle at Bou Arada in April 1943.
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  8. Richard Lewis

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    Queue jumper! ;) I applied for an Army record in June 2020, heard nothing, cheque not cashed. Doesn't seem that they are doing them in any particular order.
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  9. GeorgyB

    GeorgyB Member

    Ooops!:blush: Sorry about that :)

    They don't seem to have cashed my cheque yet either!
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  10. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member


    MOD policy has always been to withhold medical & disciplinary papers - unlike Australian & Canadian files online.

    Scots Guards WW2 era files on findmypast do have medical & disciplinary records and much more - often 150 pages of different documents.

  11. GeorgyB

    GeorgyB Member

    I think what is missing from the service record I've received is the Service and Casualty Form (Army Form B103) so there are no details of his postings etc. Is it unusual for this not to be included?
  12. Keith Ross

    Keith Ross A & S H

    Just recieved my fathers, it took 14 months.(Due to Covid)
  13. GeorgyB

    GeorgyB Member

    Did you receive the B103 Service and Casualty form Keith?

    I've just seen this on another thread Service Records - Online Application Process

    "Currently under the MOD Publication Scheme all we are releasing is a copy of the AFB200 & attestation papers (if held). These documents meet all our obligations of disclosure."

    And that was the case for my request - I just received the Attestation form and the B200 Statement of Service.
  14. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member

    In years past some forum members received files without the B103 and when they chased it up MOD apologised for their clerical error and supplied the material. Some members weren’t so lucky so it would appear some B103 have been mislaid in the years since the end of the war.

    The recent policy change quoted above clearly impacts on the quality of information that MOD supply. It’s probably an extension of the “no medical, no discipline” policy.

    B103 often contain full written details of the charges a man faced and the sentence passed - much as is recorded on the B120 & B122 Conduct sheets.

    The only medical detail on a B103 ordinarily is just details of admission and discharge from a medical facility. I’ve never seen any detail of the ailment suffered/injury sustaned.

    It seems nonsensical to me to have to pay £30 (plus the cost of a death certificate) for what is now going to be less than half a dozen pages - where 4 of them are probably the multi page Attestation and Statement of Services form that can be less than a complete history of a man’s service - it may even be partially redacted if a man has any Regimental Conduct sheet entries copied on to it.

    The only light at the end of the tunnel is that MOD are at the very early stages of transferring service files for all born before 1939 to U.K. National Archives. I’d expect them to be gradually made available from NA in due course - but probably not for at least 5 years.

    MoD personnel records moving to Kew

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  15. GeorgyB

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    Thanks Steve. Yes, I was going to chase it up in case it was an accidental omission, until I saw the thread quoted above.
  16. Keith Ross

    Keith Ross A & S H

    As far as I can see I did not recieve a B103 form :-( I cannot find any medical or disciplinary entries that are readable).
  17. Keith Ross

    Keith Ross A & S H

    No. All the medical and Disciplinary entries were blanked out :-(
  18. GeorgyB

    GeorgyB Member

    It’s the postings information that would be really useful - as in the photos in this example Novice needs help with Grandads service records 119/268 & 92nd

    I do feel quite disappointed now.

    Edit: I see from your other post, Keith that you did receive it. It’s those sorts of details that I’m missing. Perhaps I will chase it.
  19. Keith Ross

    Keith Ross A & S H

    Ah. Ok. Apologies...I thought we were talking about some other form of more specific medical records.
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  20. 4jonboy

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    Give the MOD a ring and ask them to check the file again as the B 103 is very important. Don't be put off; we've all been on about it for bloody years and still they don't send it:reallymad:.

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