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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by DanMorris1989, May 25, 2015.

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    Asking for advice, I sent my request with a dated cheque 5 months ago.
    How is it best to contact them to to replace with an updated cheque ? as I do not want to lose my place in the queue and go to the back of it !
    I have already tracked down most of my grandad's movements myself through family records, army discharge papers and Kew but have an important missing period of Mar to Nov 1944 (probable attachment) !
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    Try this phone number on the attachment in my quoted post below.

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    Thanks very much Owen.
    FYI - for others, I sent an e-mail and got the following prompt reply.

    The disclosures team department has been closed since 20th March. Some are at home working on laptops.
    I sent in my application mid April so it has not yet been opened.
    So I guess I'll be hoping to get the details in 2021.

    Fortunately my grandad left many clues and I have pieced together much through photos, release book, war diaries so at least I have a good idea of most of his movements just one part missing
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