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  1. JackGe

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    This storage bin attached to the rear of the turret, are there any known dimensions, based either on official drawings or taken from a physical existing artifact? Specifically looking at the type common in NWE 1944-45.



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  2. Chris C

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    If no one here knows, I would bet you anything that someone on missing-lynx does.
  3. JackGe

    JackGe Junior Member

    It has been asked there, as well as the Maple Leaf Up forums, and if it is known, it seems to be a well guarded secret.
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  4. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian

    Wow, that's frustrating :( I guess there are no extant boxes?
  5. JackGe

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    There was just a posting now at missinglynx, and apparently the likelihood of finding an original box is really slim. Constructed of thin sheet metal, any that had survived the war would have rusted out, unless they were stored away from the elements?

    I think a good starting point for measurements would be the width as 36 inches, an even three feet. Going by 1/35 scale model examples, depth of 14 to 15 inches, and a height of around 18 inches (half of the width calculation). All based on the assumptions the design was kept simple, and fractional measurements were avoided.
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  6. ceolredmonger

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    In North Africa the box from the Crusader tank was so appreciated many units transferred them to Shermans. When these ran out, copies were made - squarer than the originals, note the diagonal split. These were very common in Italy. As for the big one common in NW Europe it certainly looks to be a standard size, I wonder if it had another original use?
  7. Packhow75

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    I have a reproduction, copied from an original... however I didnt make it, and I do not have it to hand... it is waiting installation on my Firefly turret.

    I will ask the chap who made it.

  8. tankbarrell

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    I'm the chap who made it! The width and height I could accurately work out as my Sherman still had the mounting bracket remains. The depth was harder as scaling from photos is fraught with difficulties unless the item is square to the camera. I made the box deep enough to take a jerry can as I would sometimes carry a spare can of fuel and it was the perfect place due to the proximity to the tank filler caps. The overall dims are 36" wide, 14" deep and 19" high. The top strap is 11" up from the base and the catches are 20" centres.

    I was unable to find an original turret bin but the rear bins I have made were copied from a real one.
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