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    I have a query about a Sherman my father was driver of during the N. Africa campaign. According to his record he was at this point serving with the 5th RTR, but in a couple of poor quality pics I have of his tank it has the name 'Alexander' painted on it. The only record I have seen of this name being used is on a Sherman of the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry. Would it be the case that this Sherman had been re-allocated to 5th RTR and still carry this name. I have attached pics of the tank. Apologies for the quality.

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    They are wearing RTR Cap Badges so not Wiltshire Yeomanry. Not sure of 5RTR convention but the A could indicate 'A Squadron'. No doubt KevinT and Roddy will know more when they hopefully drop by later.....
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    Regular RTR named their tanks alphabetically by battalion. 5 RTR ought to have had names beginning with E. Alexander could have been a 1 RTR name. As both battalions ended up in 7 Armd Div, it's possible he was transferred from one to the other at some point.
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    There is as you say an ALEXANDER M4A1 from Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry in "The New Breed" by Dennis Oliver. It is not a large or clear photo and is on the back of a Scammell tank transporter. What is clear is the A Squadron triangle on the turret. Dennisdoes state that this is a possible identification to Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry. The photo was taken in the first weeks of November 1942 and refers to IWM E19296 ( not sure if this photo is still available on IWM ).
    Looking at your photo where the A Sqn triangle was on the other photo it appears to have been painted over and it looks like a B Sqn square is there. So it is possible that they may be one and the same tank. Possibly!
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    Hi Kevin, I have found that image you mentioned and it does look like it is possibly the same tank. The picture I have of my Dad's tank is dated after Nov 1942 so it is possible the A Sqn triangle could have been painted over.
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    Hi Idler, thanks for the info. I have a copy of my Dad's tracer card and it doesn't show any transfer to another regiment until the end of the war. Although I suppose it may not be that accurate if it wasn't updated.
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    It was not uncommon during the Desert campaign to get back a repaired Sherman of another Regiment or even to see SHermans with a number of different insignia. It makes researching the units very difficult from an image point of view. This may well be one of those vehicles
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