Some of them began to say”This is the revenge of the Jews”

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by CL1, Jan 27, 2022.

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    Part of an article in a newspaper by Geraldine Schwarz

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    Thanks for posting. Unfortunately the Jews were always blamed for bad news at least all over Europe and for many centuries. Stefan.
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    Stefan I think from this quote
    Many of the German people were realising that the war was not always going their way and once the Allies began heavy bombing of Germany I assume many realised this was a regime that would not succeed

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    There have been many discussions in recent years about Germans who had badly suffered from the bomb war.
    I still remember very well a lively audience discussion about this some years ago. Until a very old lady asked the main speaker: "If you had the choice: A night in Hamburg in a hail of bombs or a beautiful summer's day as a prisoner in a KZ: which would you rather be?"
    "Surprisingly" >cough<, the discussion was over after that
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    I think by this point the German citizens were first shaken into reality and a wide spread but discreet joke regarding Goring's public quip "“If planes drop bombs on Germany, you can call me Meyer" was doing the rounds.
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    In these very sad days and among my WW2 history friends, I sometimes refer to him as Hermann Meyer.
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    I took these at a recent visit to Hendon Museum this year. What a Great Shame that the Fat Herman Meyer wasn't a victim of his own words :mad:

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