Soviet PoWs captured later in the war.

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    I know millions were captured in 1941 but I was wondering how many Soviet pows were captured in the later years of the war.

    Stalin may have exhorted them to give their lives fighting for the Motherland but some must have been taken.
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    According to this source
    estimates the total number between 5 - 6 million
    Exact figures cannot be determined due to lack of sufficient data

    estimated 2.5 million until September 1941
    22.3.1945, last report OKH for 28.2.1945: 5.245.882 PoW (BA-MA, RH 2/v. 2623, Bl. 393)
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    One indicator - not an answer to the OP question - is on: Forced Repatriation of Russians at Magdeburg

    The last post cites an Axis History thread and the author has a sample, key passage:

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