Spitfire, Hurricane, Fury, Nimrod, DH9 - 2 December IWM Duxford

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    Another of Historic Aircraft Collections HAC 'At Home' event

    at Imperial War Museum Duxford

    offering a presentation on the Battle of Britain's Hardest Day
    unique photo opportunities
    and close access to our aircraft.


    Recent testimonials from previous 'At Home' attendees :

    "Fascinating day! Highly recommend these events as they are relaxed, very informative and allow one to get 'up close & personal' with beloved aircraft!" - Regan

    "Thank you for a great day. Charlie and the, Team were really great. I had so many questions that were all answered. Topped off with a up close and personal Cockpit view of the, Spitfire Mk 5. Dream come true for me." - Ricky

    More details here
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