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    Hi all, my Mum's brother,as well as my Dad's both fought and died in Italy in 1944. My dad's brother was in the 4th regiment recc. corps.R.A.C. and died 30/04/44 at Cassino. Does anyone have any links to this other than the usual broader links about this historic site ? Also, my Mum's brother died later that year ,served with the Loyals,North Lancs regiment, received the MM. I know he was at Anzio and made it to Rome, but little else about where they went prior to his death in October. He was with the first battalion as a medic. Thanks in anticipation, Danny. ( My Uncle Horace Mann was in the R.A.C.. and John Burke in the Loyals.)
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    FYI- John Burke's MM citation.


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    Here's Burke's promotion from the units war diary for 1944 Routine Orders
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Re Horace Mann - Here is the war diary page covering the end of April 44

    Do you have any photos etc of your relatives that you can share?


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    You have all made me and my families day, thank you so much everyone ! God bless them all. I will take on all of your advice etc. and post back asap.
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    4 Recce Regt were part of 4 BR Infantry Division who, on 30 Apr 44, were putting the finishing touches to their part in Operation DIADEM - the Fourth Battle of Cassino and the one that finally broke through the German defences after four months of stalemate.

    1 Loyals were part of 1 BR Infantry Division and they landed at Anzio on 22 Jan 44. As part of 2 Infantry Brigade, 1 Loyals took a real battering during the two massinve German counter attacks on 3 and 16 Feb 44. Whilst the 3 Feb 44 counter attack stalled well short of Campo di Carne - the location mentioned in the citation, the 16 Feb 44 counter attack was much larger and did reach Campo di Carne and the Final defensive Line that 1 Loyals held in that area. What Pte Burke did is quite something because the ground was completely flat and bare in that area.


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    Thanks for the extra details on both Uncles (FdeP),much appreciated.

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