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Discussion in 'The Women of WW2' started by Peter Dome, May 10, 2020.

  1. Peter Dome

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    Hi I'm new here. Could anyone identify the uniform in the picture please and her role?. Seems she have wings on her sleeve.My initial thoughts were WRAF, or the Ladies who flew aircraft from one base to another.The Lady possibly comes from Rotherham South Yorks England. Any info will be much appreciated thank you.Pete.
  2. WiltsHistory

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    Hello. Yes. looks to me like WAAF other rank (i.e. not commissioned) as denoted by the wing patch worn on the shoulder. Nice coat!
    Might be someone with more RAF expertise to confirm or deny that.

    If possible, a closer view of the capbadge could help...?
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  3. Peter Dome

    Peter Dome New Member

    Thank you so much Wiltshistory. Yes, I can now confirm that. Much appreciated.i was informed.
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