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  1. AllanUK

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    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong area, I am more used to WW1 research.

    My wife would like to identify which service her uncle was in during WW2. Can someone identify from the attached image?

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  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    I'd suggest RAF officer cadet .
  3. Blutto

    Blutto Plane Mad

    Douglas Eldred.png

    UPDATE with image.
    A photo of a cousin shows similar forage cap and uniform during his aircrew training.. He graduated as an Observer with the rank of Sergeant.

    Tunis , N Africa 15 Jun 1943 RIP
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  4. AllanUK

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    Thank you guys.

    Owen - you confirmed my thoughts that it was RAF

    Blutto - thank you for posting your cousin's photo, it shows the same uniform that my wife's uncle is wearing.
  5. AlanW

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    1592679 John Spencer Wilcox

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  6. AllanUK

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    Thank you AlanW.

    Can I ask where this came from? Is it part of his service record and if so, where could I see it?
  7. Blutto

    Blutto Plane Mad

    I'd suggest what he has posted is John's service number.
  8. AlanW

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    From the N/A files, AIR78 Service Numbers. There is only one John Spencer Wilcox listed, so assume this is his service number.

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