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    Going through my Grandfathers photos I have come across a photo of an unknown sailor. I know its a long shot as the photo has not got a lot of detail on it but any help regards era, ship, uniform, anything really I would really appreciate it as its a real puzzle to us.

    I have attached the picture and also the writing on the back as you never know who may be reading this!

    "with loving wishes
    to Fan, Bill &
    my favourites ever
    Barry, Jean & ?.
    from Frank"

    Many thanks


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  2. Tony56

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    Presume you know that it is not your grandfather's brother, Frank Kirton?

    Perhaps this Frank is a relative, if you post your grandfather's name, dob, death, locations etc perhaps someone may be able to find another Frank for you.
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  3. Tinap

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    Hi Tony56, yes I do realise this is not my grandfather's brother, Frank Kirton. Yes I am hoping it is a relative as my Grandparents didn't have many photos but this was among them.

    My Grandfather's details:

    Frederick Kirton
    Born 24.05.1923 - Hough on the Hill, Grantham, Lincs
    Died 01.12.1999 - Nottingham
    Marriage Dec 1946 - Ada Oxley - Leeds

    Many thanks
  4. Tony56

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    Hi Tina, my reason for asking your grandfather's details was to look down the family tree route, but I am guessing the tree on Ancestry is yours and therefore, with your experience, you will have already investigated this and drawn a blank on the names. No Barrys in your tree and just one Jean. Doubtful that I can help further, sorry.
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    That's ok Tony56, thanks for taking the time for looking. Like you say no Barrys and one Jean, however it has just occurred to me that sometimes the name Frances or Francis was shortened to Frank so will take that route and see what it throws up. Any idea on the era of the photo please? WW2? this information may help with my research.

    Thanks again
  6. Tony56

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    The only thing I wondered is if the name on his hatband could be made out from the original and a magnifying glass?
  7. Tinap

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    I've tried mate thanks but unfortunately not
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    I suggest that he was a DEMS gunner on a merchant ship. He is leaning on a ship's cargo derrick and I doubt that he would have been allowed to getaway with being dressed like that in the Andrew. The gunners on the attached photo are in the second row on the right hand side, as you can see their uniforms vary!
    "Some of the DEMS encounters with Naval Officers were frustrating to say the least. He describes one DEMS Lieutenant who inspected their armament, which they kept in good order, and told them to scrape of the paint and repaint the whole spread. They were afterwards told that this officer had started as a ‘gunlayer’ on a merchant ship; but no one knew how he had ‘gained his stripes’. On another occasion and officer boarded and told them to have their accommodation spic and span as the Admiral DEMS (they didn't know that such a personage existed!) was in the port and would be visiting them. They did as instructed, only to find later that this VIP has left the day before.

    As far as the merchant crews were concerned they were just grateful to have the gunners aboard, uniforms or no uniforms.

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