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    Wondered if anyone could help me with regards to my mum. She was in the WAAF and spent most of ww2 in Magdalene College Oxford. She talked a lot about it when we were children but she has died in recent years and i realise that we have little information. I am going to send for her service records but wondered if anyone has any information about the work that the WAAF did at Magdalene College? She was posted to Cirencester in the latter stages of the war but again we have no idea what she might have been doing there.
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    Yes I have printed off the forms but was also interested in what Magdalene college did during the war. Very little mention online
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    States Magdelene was colonised by RAF maintenance command which included WAAFs

    The University of Oxford

    Maintenance Command was formed in 1938.[2] No. 40 Group RAF was formed within the command on 3 January 1939, and responsible for all equipment except bombs and explosives.[3] No. 42 Group RAF was made responsible for fuel and ammunition storage. In 1940 technical control (but not administrative control) of No. 41 Group and No. 43 Group of Maintenance Command passed to the Ministry of Aircraft Production (MAP).[2]

    From 7 October 1940 operational control of salvage was administered by a section of No. 43 Group RAF (Maintenance), known as No. 43 Group Salvage, with a headquarters at the Morris Motor Works in Cowley. The administrative headquarters later moved to Magdalen College, Oxford.[4] Maintenance units responsible for salvage were responsible for vast areas of the country.
    RAF Maintenance Command - Wikipedia

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