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    just been around the cemeteries and graveyards taking a few photos.
    a couple of strange WW2 ones I thought I would ask about. The 3 concerned are the only ones in the village communial cemetery. the pair 1 &2 both have a Tank symbol
    1/. Trooper A Arthur 7887933 RTR died between 19th May and 22nd June 1940. Casualty
    2/. Serjeant H J K Reppen 7879503 RTR died 21 May 1940. Casualty
    3/. an Officer died 22 May 1940.

    as 1 and 2 were RTR Royal Armoured Corps and burried in the same double plot could it be assumed they were in the same vehicle?
    as 3 is within yards of the grave of 1 & 2 would he be commander?
    would it be possible to name the officer from any records available?
    as 2 & 3 are both within a day why is 1 a similar day but with a between date?
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    arthur , reppen.JPG this week no greenery
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