was such a DAK logo ever used?

Discussion in 'WW2 Militaria' started by Snolder, Mar 5, 2021.

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    Was such a DAK logo with an iron cross instead of a swastika ever used at the time or produced in a commemorative role, or is it a pre-war "sanitation" thing?

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    Hello Snolder,

    I haven’t seen that particular one before, but some years ago, on a visit to the Bundeswehr Laser Training range at Luttmersen near Hanover, there were some variations of a theme about. If you look at:

    9th Panzerlehr Brigade (Bundeswehr)

    and then down to 33rd Panzergrenadier Battalion .....

    One emblem at the barrack gate visited at the time bore a black and white four squared motif alluding to Uhlan traditions, facing a palm-treed shield giving a nod to Heia Safari days. Incidentally, their Officers’ Mess displayed a large oil portrait of Rommel as a Field Marshal, albeit painted post-1956, because no such painting had reportedly been produced during the war.

    I have an inkling some of the Kaiser’s Schutztruppen may have used a palm motif, too.
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    nope, i didnt buy that one, but i got curious because i saw that same motif on a ring (a non-historical ring im pretty sure), so i wanted to know if that motif was ever used during the war, or if it was something that they implemented afterwards to not pay tribute to nazism

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