Wearing of berets (or other head dress)

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    Can anyone tell me when berets (or other head dress) were supposed to be worn and when not? I assume when outside, either on or off duty, soldiers were supposed to wear some kind of head dress, but what was one supposed (or allowed) to wear inside, on or off duty? And in what cases was it allowed not to wear anything (on your head)?
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    Many regiments have different ideas about this and the beret worn both in and outdoor when on duty. It would not usually be worn at a church service .
    Head dress not worn when marched in front of OC when on disciplinary Orders Parade.(Except some Guards Regiments)
    Whilst in detention.
    Not worn in Naafi,
    Other ranks working in HQ's as clerks signallers etc would be jumping up and down all day saluting if beret worn ,But sentries drivers would.
    Off duty in uniform not worn indoors .
    These are generalisations and many other rules may apply.
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    Off course on formal occasions one did not just take off ones Beret there was as always a drill
    Cautionary word of Command.
    The Parade will remove Headdress
    Remove (Both hands up touching Beret)
    Headdress (Hands smartly down to side beret in Right hand)
    Followed By
    Parade will replace headdress.
    Replace (Both hands up and fit Beret making sure badge over left eye)
    Headdress (Both hands smartly down to sides to position of attention)
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    That clip throws up a point I never considered before.
    One chap was wearing headdress ,Now I believe people of the Jewish faith need to have their head covered whilst at prayer ,wonder if the Armed Forces allowed for this?
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    We only used our left hand to remove headdress. Would be bit of a shambles holding a weapon and then using both hands to remove our berets while on parade.
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    Our Jewish contingency would have their heads covered during the service. (Both posts referring to SADF regulations)
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    Kevin you are right ,got my hands mixed up, Still the drill Sgt said I had 2 left feet so why not hands.
    I never carried out the movement carrying a weapon so stand corrected.:)
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