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Discussion in 'Historiography' started by Gage, Mar 4, 2006.

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    Grandad was in RA, never spoke much about it but after he died my Nan spoke about their lives quite often, they had been married for 69 years and knew each other for some years prior to their marriage (she obviously missed him), so there were a hell of a lot of stories, some of the things she spoke of sparked memories of my own so I decided to investigate their lives in more detail. I've found out some interesting things spanning much of the 1900's, relatives long forgotten or never known, work in the cotton mills of Manchester, or in the munitions factories etc.
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    What an interesting thread; I've really enjoyed reading through it.

    I think my interest sparked when I was a kid in the late fifties; we were playing on waste ground and found a tin trunk filled with gas masks. Those who dared put them on and chased the rest of us.
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    Thought of them today.
    The Peasholm Naval battles played a part. Certainly deserve some blame/credit for an early interest.

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    What got me interested in WW2....................Well the simplest answer I could give would be by just being a boy!.................Airfix Kits, Playing with my Action Men (Be careful!) War films like the Great Escape, Were Eagles Dare etc........ and it just carried on from their. Helps that most of your mates felt the same way of course!.
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    It's a bit of a jumble for me I think for me it was a mounting interest as a child in the late 70s/early 80s with contributions from:

    Seeing old episodes of The Rat Patrol
    Avalon Hill's Squad Leader wargame
    Reading Brazen Chariots

    I had some other wargames at the time as well. (Squad Leader belonged to my older brother.) This phase of my interest lasted some time into my teens. I remember getting some very dense volumes describing many, many naval actions out of the university library with the aid of my grandmother.

    Then I completely lost interest for about 25 years. More recently it was definitely World of Tanks and specifically people also making scale models that got me interested in WW2 again. I felt a strange but STRONG compulsion to make a Crusader tank model. Then I rebought Barry Pitt's books on the desert war. It was all onwards from there.

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