What happened to the Graf Spee's crew?

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    Were they interned for the duration or allowed to return to Germany (and if so how?)
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    Commander's Story.
    NEW YORK, Dec. 19. (A.A.P.)
    The Argentine Government has
    decided to intern the officers and
    ratings of the German "pocket"
    battleship Admiral Graf Spee
    (scuttled off Montevideo on Sunday),
    who landed at Buenos Aires yester-
    The few Germans who returned to
    Montevideo after the scuttling of the
    warship have already been interned
    by the Uruguayan Government.
    GRAF SPEE'S CREW. - INTERNMENT IN ARGENTINA. Commander's Story. NEW YORK, Dec. 19. (A.A.P.) - The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) - 20 Dec 1939

    Pasted from the forum
    It appears that the internees were given the choice of returning to Germany or assisting the large Nazi espionage network in Argentina. About half did return, mainly through the Andes to Chile with assistance from the espionage organisation. After a period of internment on an island in the Rio Uruguay, the remainder were allowed to settle in Cordoba province, officers at Cumbrecita, NCOs and men at Villa Belgrano, these being modern thriving communities of Argentine-Germans (Oktober Bierfest recommended if you visit).

    In 1952 three crew members, Dettelmann, Schultz and another whose name I forget gave evidence to CEANA, the official Argentine committee of enquiry into Nazi Activities in Argentina, that on the night of 27 July 1945 they assisted unloading a U-boat near Necochea, Buenos Aires Province. This assertion appears supported by Argentine police files. An officer from this U-boat allegedly bought a villa at Ascochinga in Cordoba province in 1952 according to the Argentine police and Catastro (land registry). The Nazi espionage network operated through a trading organisation known as Lahusen Cia.
    Interned crew from Graf Spee - Axis History Forum
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    Hope that was interned not interred as that would have been a war crime
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    Paul Ascher was the officer who returned to Germany and was killed on the Bismarck. Those that returned to Germany were back home in 1940/41. I have a Soldbuch (plus passport and other bits & bobs) issued in June 1941 in my collection for one of the senior officers on Graf Spee who returned back to Germany.
    The EK II (Iron Cross 2nd Class) dated for 1939 and the Flottenkreigabzeichen (High Seas Fleet Badge) dated for 1942 were both for the war cruise of Graf Spee. He was the 3rd Artillery Officer and was in charge of the secondary armament of 150mm guns (15 cm L/55 C28).
    Paul Ascher was the 1st Artillery Officer and was in charge of the main gun batteries.

    post-217-0-28490900-1382743951.jpg post-217-0-15996800-1382744392.jpg Meusemann 002.jpg Meusemann 004.jpg Meusemann 005.jpg Meusemann 015.jpg
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