What was LAD Composition of WE I II/100/2 and VI/637/1 ?

Discussion in 'REME/RAOC' started by LADC, May 12, 2013.

  1. LADC

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    Good day

    Like the subject line says does anyone know the composition of these establishments or have a document outlining them? They refer to the LAD strength of an armored regiment in the ME in early 1944 with VI/637/1 superseding the other.

  2. Aixman

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    Good day Chris,

    try first Trux' resourceful forum:

    I have copies of the III/100/2 version (PM me, if still in need after having read the link, just to avoid uploading, which I have not tried on the new forum software yet).

    And I might have possibly the other ME one, too, but I am still in the process of putting more than 7,000 photos from my last visit to Kew into a catalogue. A.C.I. date or Copy No., if available, might help speed up my search.

  3. LADC

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    Hello Aixman and thanks for the reply.

    Have already read through the Trux, its a good overview and resource but I'm keen to read both establishments. P- mail sent.


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