Wings Museum engine run day

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  1. Aaron Simmons

    Aaron Simmons Member

    Good Morning all,

    This weekend will see the first of the seasons RR Merlin engine run day.

    The Merlin is from Halifax JD150, we have all 4 engines recovered from the aircraft and with a lot of help from Flight Engineering we have one running with its original saxophone exhaust.

    Please see the link for more info.

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  2. SteveDee

    SteveDee Well-Known Member

    Now you are open during the week, I must get over to see the museum (...especially as its only a 14 minute drive from where we are!).
  3. Aaron Simmons

    Aaron Simmons Member

    Hi Steve, yes we are open tuesday to sundays now.
  4. SteveDee

    SteveDee Well-Known Member

    We spent 2 or 3 hours at Wings museum this morning, and I can recommend it!


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  5. SteveDee

    SteveDee Well-Known Member

    More on Dora (see Dora.jpg above showing the harrowing display at Wings Museum):-
    Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp - Wikipedia

    This is yet another reminder of the ever-present capacity of man to commit terrible acts of cruelty and destruction on others.
  6. Aaron Simmons

    Aaron Simmons Member

    Thank you for your visit Steve, I'm glad you enjoyed the Museum

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