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    Not posted for a while - work getting in the way of far more interesting stuff!!

    I'm researching a number of British infantrymen who became PoWs post D-Day.

    I've discovered the WO361 files for their battalions & found that, for some of them, there was a brief report of their capture together with, occasionally, an eyewitness account.

    What I fiind odd is that given the number of casualties that British Battalions had in Normandy that many of the files (e.g. WO361/608 2Devon, WO361/598 2Essex) are quite thin.

    In addition, there are copies of letters which appear to be answering requests for further information, but no copy of that request is in the file.

    I've made the presumption (perhaps incorretcly) that the series of files that I've found (all in the WO3615nn to 6nn series are the "battalion in the field" copy.

    Most, however, seem to have correspondence between "GHQ 2nd Echelon, 21 Army Group" and "The Undersecretary of State, The War Office, Casualty Branch, Bluecoat School, Wavertree Liverpool 15" example attached

    So, what I was wondering is whether these bodies records are maintained somewhere within the NA and whether they have more complete information?



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