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    Just thought I'd share some photos for anyone interested in the Gloucestershire Regiment. My grandad served with them on and off for many years. I have his records and will be heading to the Glosters museum when I am next down that way.

    Service No. 5174662 (initially signing up 1920 aged 17/18)
    5th Glosters (TA) 5/8/20-12/2/22
    Regulars - 13/2/22 - 12/2/34
    5th Glosters 7/5/34 - 8/8/45
    (Re-enlistment No. 22557863)
    Warrant Officer II rank held
    Nickname "Dinky" due to his 5' 5" stature!
    He was in France as part of the BEF and evacuated at Dunkirk.
    NWE 17/7/44 to 7/8/45
    We think he may have served in Ireland at some point.

    Not sure if any forum members have any surviving family from the 5th Glosters who may recognise some of the faces. My grandad died in 1983.

    pic 1 with my aunt who died in the war
    pic 2 Astoria Hotel Antwerp 1944
    pic 3 Old regimental photo
    pic 4 Ditto
    pic 5 as a whippersnapper in Europe (circa 1920's)
    pic 6 in Ireland ???
    pic 7 another regimental one
    pic 8 somewhere in Europe 44
    106990352_10157871406114071_3128407202618880551_n_10157871406094071.jpg 107378316_10157871405949071_7450970439738195776_n_10157871405939071.jpg
    109979116_10157919488219071_5237999512596303208_n_10157919488214071.jpg 112720102_10157919488084071_6911469543636221264_n_10157919488079071.jpg 112250003_10157919487964071_4578066461063571946_n_10157919487959071.jpg 111284420_10157919488119071_1875133331109924416_n_10157919488114071.jpg 110317083_10157919488234071_6584804008218689121_n_10157919488224071.jpg 110247405_10157919487979071_201494454347985396_n_10157919487969071.jpg
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    Picture 6 which you labelled: in Ireland ???

    Yes, one in the rear row in the middle is clearly a Sergeant, and several clearly have a number of medals. I would suggest they are War Department Constabulary, the predecessors to the MoD Police and a very short Wiki: Army Department Constabulary - Wikipedia There is a fuller history on: https://british-police-history.uk/f/war-dept which does allow "cut & paste". There is a uniform description from April 1936, which refers to a badge on their shoulders. The implication is they did not deploy in Northern Ireland. The building looks like a portico'd gate office / guardhouse.

    The puzzle is the striped band on the left arm of three. It is the on duty emblem, as some forces insisted officers could travel off duty and the band denoted if they were on duty. See: Duty armband - Wikipedia

    From: WW2 War Department Constabulary Cap Badge - FIRMIN LONDON

    Picture 7 which you labelled: another regimental one.

    That one is easier. The tent probably belongs to a Reading-based brewery Simonds and there are two similar 1920's photos on their website. See: Home - Simonds Family Website
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