Wreck of twin engine aircraft in Tunisia.

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  1. bexley84

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    Happy New Year to you all,

    I wonder if anyone can give me any tips in regard to a request question that I received from a friend/contact in Tunisia - see below.

    I've got zero knowledge on any element of the question - my father's mob were spending a relaxing 6 months in the Bou Arada/Medjez areas and they were definitely solidly attached to terra firma.

    "...I continue my research in the footsteps of the Second World War in Tunisia.

    By the way, I wanted to know if you can help me to find the origins of a wreck of a twin-engine aircraft, that fell in the region of Zarzis in southern Tunisia. I only have approximate geographic coordinates and some pictures (two attached) taken this summer by myself.


    thanks in advance for any feedback on this,


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  2. Rich Payne

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    Not really my thing, but are they Daimler-Benz engines ?
  3. micky

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    The propeller dome look belonging more to an "allied" plane with Hydromatic propeller than a german or axis plane....
  4. bexley84

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    Thanks for the comments - needle in a haystack I know, but much appreciated,

  5. KevinBattle

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    Aren't they both of the same engine? The blade and the bulbous rock look in same position.
    They obviously have swum around the wreckage, what else can they say?
    Twin or single fin, dimensions, shape of cockpit or wings, whether all metal or just framework, passenger windows, seats or turrets, colour, markings, camouflage any evidence of guns, bombs etc?
  6. bexley84

    bexley84 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Yes, you would think so and I shall ask - the only other photos that I have are here - more of the same, unfortunately.

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  7. Fred Wilson

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    [​IMG] I would like to follow progress in this request. Interesting challenge.

    There are aspects of the engine block that look like a Junkers Jumo.

    There are aspects that look Blenheim. But the shape of the section where the propeller attaches is what has really got me stumped.
    (Both examples here.)


    It would be some help to have some indications of measurements. Hard to tell the size of the engine block from the picture though the relationship to the propeller helps some.


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  8. bexley84

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    Many thanks.

    I shall ask for more data..and perhaps link the questioner directly into this conversation although there may be some language barriers.

  9. MelMel

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  10. bexley84

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    Thank you again, gents - I've fed back your views to Tunis and now received an updated response (which may or may not be accurately translated)

    "...Thank you for your message. Indeed the size of the propeller will be of great help, but at the time of shooting (July 2015) the swell prevented (close inspection). Another attempt may made the next summer.

    Meanwhile, I have had two other contradictory testimonies: one speaks of a British plane with a crew of 3 people, another talking about an Italian aircraft shot down by mistake by the German DCA installed on the heights of Zarzis....One testimony indicates that the wreck was made of wood....later recovered by the population.The shape suggests the engine is....either a Mosquito de Havilland or Ca308 Caproni and Fiat because these devices are partly constructed of wood..."

    Apologies if this doesn't move the debate forward...but your comments have been much appreciated


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