WW2 Overflights in & around London, 2012

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    Military Flypasts over London in 2012

    Date Day Key Location Aircraft Time

    April 22nd Thur Hendon Dakota 5:50pm

    May 9th Wed Northolt (tbc) Spitfire tba
    16th Wed Hendon Dakota tba
    19th Sat Rickmansworth Spitfire 12:30

    June 13th Wed Westminster(?) Hurricane and Spitfire tba
    16th Sat Buckingham Palace Lancaster and Spitfire 1pm
    23rd Sat Stanmore Dakota tba
    28th Thur Hyde Park Lancaster tba
    30th Sat Hendon Spitfire tba

    July 15th Sun Bletchley Park Dakota 3:55pm
    25th Wed Bletchley Park Dakota tba

    August 4th Sat Upminster Lancaster, Hurricane & Spitfire tba
    5th Sun Bletchley Park Dakota tba
    5th Sun Upminster Lancaster tba

    September 1st Sat Bletchley Park Spitfire tba
    7th Fri Northolt Spitfire tba
    8th Sat Northolt Spitfire tba
    13th Thur Northolt Two Spitfires tba
    13th Thur Hendon Two Spitfires tba
    15th Sat Biggin Hill Lancaster tba
    15th Sat Hendon Spitfire 12:10pm
    16th Sun Westminster Hurricane and Spitfire tba
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    Cheers for that AHD, I am guessing the Upminster flights in August are associated with the MVT at Damyns Hall Airfield.

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