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    Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

    July 9th, 2015
    Lance Russwurm expects to be finished later today painting on the temporary markings of X-TERMINATOR, KB732, VR-X of 419 Squadron RCAF, the Canadian Lancaster that flew the most missions (84). The last known surviving crew member, Don McTaggart, will be here Saturday for the dedication.

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    As they have a fair few missions showing I guess at the end of each bomb run they said ''I'll be back.''

    (someone had to say it)
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    Hasta la vista, bayybee... (hmm, I just had to say that back at ya)

    Nice work on the Lanc.
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    Vera will carry the X-Terminator markings until the Oshkosh air show.

    It would be interesting to see the American reaction to the Lanc. They have been raised on the B-17 mythology and I think would be shocked at the bomb load comparison.

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