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The Original 19 Set

Found this on the internet. Top left is the variometer

The Original 19 Set
Ron Goldstein, May 11, 2013
    • BC610E
      There's still a lot of WS19s around, they are in regular use on the amateur bands and there is a WS19 forum on which has around 2000 members. Vintage military radio gear like WS12, WS19, WS53, WS62 and other Allied radios can be heard on 3615kHz R/T most mornings around 0700BST onwards, if you don't have a receiver try one of the on-line receivers like The G4FPH 160 and 80 metre WebSDR

      Those in the photos are later versions where the UHF "B" Set transceiver has been removed, probably post-war rebuilds.

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