A miscellany of decent/useful/interesting sites.

Friends & Relations

WW2 Forums
Ron's Army Album
Ron's 'Actual' Army Album
Chindits & Op. Longcloth
Incident at Jebel Sherif
The Crusader Project
Z-Panzer Miniature Trains
Falkeeins Luftwaffe Blog
Joe Brown - Royal Scots

Charities & Official Organisations

The Royal British Legion
Royal British Legion - Berlin
American Battle Monuments Commission
Australian War Memorial
UK National Archives
Veterans UK
BBC - People's War
Help for Heroes
Royal Hospital Chelsea
St. Dunstan's
FEPOW Community


Nizkor Holocaust Resource
In From the Cold Project
UK War Memorial Inventory
German War Memorial
War Memorials Trust
Irish War Memorials
British War Graves
Polish War Graves
Special Forces Roll of Honour
Scottish war Graves Project

Museums & Collections

IWM Collections
British Pathé
NZ Electronic Text Centre
US Field Artillery Journal
The National Army Museum
The RAF Museum
IWM Duxford
Bovington Tank Museum
The Avalon Project


Back to Normandy
Military Berlin
Third reich in Ruins
War Years Remembered
Russian Archive Photographs
Battlefields of WW2
France 1940
Defence of Britain
Defence of East Sussex
Pillboxes UK
Pillbox Study Group
British Resistance Aechive
Portsdown Tunnels
Scottish Military Research Group
WW2 in Northern Ireland


Anzac Steel
British Equipment of WW2
Lone Sentry
Oldtimers Gallery
British Artillery In WW2
The Wheatcroft Collection
The Russian Battlefield
Engines of the Red Army
PIBWL - Polish Vehicles
The AFV Register
Daimler Fighting Vehicles
Armour in Focus/Churchill Register
The Churchill Trust
Surviving Panzers/Tanks
Achtung Panzer!
Sturmgeschütze vor!
Kfz. der Wehrmacht
Sdkfz 251
War Wheels
Antitank rifles
British Ordnance Collectors
Grenades, Mines, Boobytraps
Maple Leaf Up
Cars, Tanks & Aeroplanes WW2

Regiments, Units etc.

WW2 Army Number Search Tool
Scarlet Finders WW2 Hospitals
Durham Light Infantry
2RUR Official History
The Tiger Triumphs
Ball of Fire - 5th Indian div.
Chindits & Op. Longcloth
Corps of Military Police
The Burma Star Association
RA Units in the Netherlands
Keep 'em Moving QOCH
Poland in Exile
Comando Supremo
Axis History Factbook
Generals of WW2
Island Farm POW camp
The Worcestershire Regiment
16th battalion DLI
LRDG Preservation Society
The Wardrobe
Friends of Popski's Private Army
6th Guards Tank Brigade
15th Scottish Division War Diaries
5/7th Battalion Gordon Highlanders War Diary
2nd Royal Gloucestershire Hussars War Diaries
3rd County of London Yeomanry War Diaries
4th County of London Yeomanry War Diaries
6th Royal Tank Regiment War Diaries
11th Hussars, (Prince Albert's Own) War Diaries
North Irish Horse War Diaries
8TH Armoured Brigade History
Long Range Desert Group
The Lincolnshire Regiment
The Saturday Soldiers (4 Lincolns)
Royal Scots & KOSB War Diaries


The Pegasus Archive
Defending Arnhem
The Glider Pilot Regiment Society
Remember September 44

Naval History .net
Royal Naval Museum
Royal Navy Submarine Museum
HNSA - Navy Documents & Manuals
WW2 Cruisers
Japanese Navy

Air War

RAF Commands
152 (Hyderabad) Squadron
156 Squadron RAF
214 (FMS) Squadron
The Raid on Aachen - July 1943
Luftwaffe 1933-45
Warbird Resource Group
Falkeeins Luftwaffe Blog

Members' Sites

PoW Camps in the UK
Desert Stories
The Few Good Men
5QOH Keep Em Moving
SS City of Cairo
Jocks, Dragons, Sospans
6 mil Phil
Bill Balmer 39-79
Coleraine Militia
Coleraine Battery
Belgium WW2
Silloth War Graves
The Glider Pilot Regt. Soc.
Daly History
South Staffs Home Guard
555 Fd. Co. RE
DLI 1920-46
IDF 1948
Grandad's War W Yorks
Merseyside at War
Anti-Invasion Suffolk
WW2 Defences Suffolk
Free Czechoslovak Air Force
Green Howard Memoir
London Blitz Diary
Daimler Fighting Vehicles
Chippenham 39-45
Escape, Evasion & Revenge
Orvieto War Cemetery
Cracow Cemetery
Cambridge & Bethnal OBC
Kennedy Park WWII
Buckley at War
The VOGW Foundation
53rd Medium Regt. RA
True Loyals LLA RA
Chindit Chasing
WW2 Italy
FO John Lowrie DFC
Joe Brown's Memoirs
Military Humour
WW2 in N Ireland
Fighting Through - Green Howards
RAM Tank
Shot At Dawn
TijgerBrigade Java 46-49
Lightbobs Ox & Bucks
Cassino Battlefields
Dawn Monks Illustrations
Ken Fenton's War - Blenheim Pilot
Wireless for the Warrior
WW2 Nation
Storm Boat Kings
Submarine Saracen
Assisi War Cemetery
Orvieto War Cemetery
Isola Maggiore 1944
Out of Battle
The Crusader Project
Ron's Army Album
West Ham Pals
Thoughts On Military History
War & Security
WW2 Pigeons
Allied Armour 1940
Word Understanding & Peace, Biberach

Members' FB Pages

France & Flanders
SS City of Cairo FB
9th Royal Sussex
2 Royal Scots Fusiliers 1940

Publishers, Books Etc.

Britain at war Magazine
After The Battle
Naval & Military press
May1940's BEF Vehicle Markings Booklet


Napoleonic Wars Forum
Victorian Wars Forum
British Battles


Britain's Small Wars
ARmy Rumour SErvice - ARRSE


Cloudworth WW2 News Feed
Google Translate
The Hitler Pages
Militaria Archive - Photographs
Google Earth
Passchendaele Prints
6 Mil Phil
Scottish Military Blog
WW2, A British Focus
Important People of WW2
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