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    Can I first thank everyone for the many replies that I have received for previous posts. This website has been excellent in finding out the information I need.
    I am conducting research into the men on the two King’s School Worcester war memorials The intention is to produce a commemorative book. I am looking to find details of how men were killed and if possible obtain a photograph of the individual. Could anyone help with the following casualty?

    HALL, David Osborne Captain 65580 1/4th Hampshire Regiment buried MEDJEZ-AL-BAB WAR CEMETERY, Tunisia died 22/04/1943
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    From the regimental history ‘The Royal Hampshire Regiment 1918-1954’ (Daniell), Page 116:
    NB. Words in square brackets added by me to aid understanding.
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    Hi Steve

    First sorry for taking so long to reply and thank you. Life sometimes overtakes you! This is exactly what I wanted. Could you fill me in on the broader picture within which this action took place?



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