1059778 Lance Bombardier J.E.Armstrong 9th Coast Regiment RA

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  1. ypres5

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    Hi i am after finding out about Lance Bombardier John Ernest Armstrong missing Malaya 1942. I have some little information stating that he escaped from Singapore on a boat to Padang, Indonesia and then onto India. Any help would be most grateful. Thanks Mick
  2. CL1

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    Hello Mick a good start is with his service records as you know date of birth and death cert required plus £30
    a bit of a wait but worth it

    Get a copy of military service records

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  3. ypres5

    ypres5 Junior Member

    Clive, i know he was born in Wallsend 1910. But i don't know when he died?.
  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Hopefully another forum member who has access to ancestry etc might be able to shed more light on his death details
  5. ypres5

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    1. Clive, I will see if i can get a death date. Thanks Mick
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  6. Enigma1003

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    I think this is probably merely confirming what you already know.
    It seems that John escaped Singapore with Capt. Gordon,
    and then managed to escape Sumatra.
    I believe Capt. Gordon remained to help others escape. (and became a POW)
    Capt. James Gordon mentions Armstrong in his Liberation Questionnaire post war
    and states "As far as I know they reached India safely"
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  7. ypres5

    ypres5 Junior Member

    Mike, that's great, thank you. Mick
  8. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Was John Ernest Armstrong born 24 Feb 1910 ?


    Parents names if known would help narrow him down
  9. ozzy16

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    Is this him. ?

    John Ernest Armstrong.
    Birth quarter 2
    Birth year 1910
    Mothers maiden name Woolton
    District Tynemouth
    County Northhumberland
    Country England
    Volume 10B
    Page 193
    Record set England & Wales Births 1837- 2006

    Attestation year 22/12/1924 RA Service no 1059778.

  10. ypres5

    ypres5 Junior Member

    TD/Graham, yes it was him. A Big thank you to everyone . Mick
  11. Bruneval

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  12. Tony56

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    Are you aiming to get his service records?
    Was his father Charles Shamfelt Armstrong and mother Celia Ann (nee Woolton), married 16 Oct 1899 ? From Charles's Service Record, his son John Ernest, was born 31 March 1910.
    Armstrong Charles.jpg

    1059778 Armstrong attested 22 Dec 1924 (as per post #9 above) at age 14 years 266 days.

    His 'missing' entry in the casualty lists was subsequently amended to 'Entry should be deleted, listed in error' on a list dated 4 May 1942.
    Armstrong CL.jpg

    WO 361/2184 - Prisoners of war, Far East: Royal Artillery; nominal roll, A-C
    Presumably 'M - PAD' means missing Padang?
    Armstrong POW.jpg

    For his service records you need a death certificate:
    First name(s) John E
    Last name Armstrong
    Year 1990
    Birth year 1910
    Birth date 31 Mar 1910
    Death year 1990
    Death date 27 Sep 1990
    Address 26 Gardyne Place
    Place Dundee
    County Forfarshire (Angus)
    Country Scotland
    Record set Scotland, Forfarshire (Angus), Dundee Death Index 1990-1993
  13. Tony56

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  14. Tony56

    Tony56 Member Patron

    Possible marriage, address of Broughty Ferry matches that on his father's death certificate:
    Armstrong marriage.jpg
  15. ypres5

    ypres5 Junior Member

    That is the soldier, i am almost 100% sure. Born 1910,Died 1990 , and the marriage seems to tie in with the Scottish connection. Thanks again everyone for helping me.. Mick
  16. Tony56

    Tony56 Member Patron

    As I said, are you going to send for his records? You obviously have a slight doubt as to the correct id so perhaps you need to research further, not good to get the records for someone else.
  17. Bruneval

    Bruneval Well-Known Member

    Good morning Tony,

    Thanks for the correction!


  18. ypres5

    ypres5 Junior Member

    Tony, You are quite right and i need to dig a bit deeper. I don't fancy sending off for the wrong service records. Thanks Mick

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