113 HAA Royal Artillery in 1944

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    I am attempting to trace my fathers locations during WW2. I have his Service Record from the Army and have significant detail about his time with the 51st HAA from 1936 (he was in the TA) untill September 1943 when he was transferred from Italy back to UK. Then he was posted to 113 HAA (366 Battery) in Poole, Dorset. He remained with this unit for the Normandy invasion.

    I would to know where this Regiment was deployed from D-day until November 1944 (thanks to Philip Reinders I know something of his time in Holland).
    I also know that after the 113 HAA was disbanded in April 1945, he was redeployed to 308 EADCU at Lubeck until he was released from service in October 1945.

    Any help fom members would be appreciated.
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    113 HAA was part of the defences of the Gold Beach BMA. The grid references are the wartime grid and can be found on this map.
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    Thank you Owen and Sheldrake for the information and advice. It looks like a trip to Kew which will be a new experience.
    I have quite a bit of information on my Fathers war experience with the 51st HAA (RA), incuding his own diary written during siege of Tobruk which may be of interest to other members of this group. Perhaps when my research is complete it would be appropriate to post some aspects for WW2Talk?
    Thanks again.
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    hello, we found old photographs from the grandpa of my wife, there is a picture of a young soldier, we think it is given to our granddad when he was just a kid below the age of 10 at the end of the war.

    20220606_212714.jpg 20220606_212708.jpg

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