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    I am looking for a War Diary at Kew for this unit which was headquartered at Aberystwyth in 1940-1. I think it was a separate unit to 12th Field Regiment which has a War Diary for 1939-40 in WO166/1471. Does anyone know of the Training Regiment?

    I would be interested in information on other RA units or camps in and near Aberystwyth in the 1940-2 period.
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    I cant give you the Training Regiment but I can probably tell you the Training Range and Camp.
    Sennybridge the ranges are in the Brecon Beacons.
    I've been there many times over the years.
    267 Field Regiment used them in the 1960's travelling from Worcester.
    Aberystwyth is closer than Worcester and away from enemy aircraft in 39/40.
    There was an OCTU up the coast at Barmouth.

    267 FR 25 Pdr Sennybridge.jpg
    267 FR 25 pounder Sennybridge
    (not me on it, I did Signals)
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    12 Field Training Regiment, Bordon, Hampshire – disbanded Apr 43
    Schools & Training Establishments - The Royal Artillery 1939-4

    12th Field Training Regiment, Royal Artillery – formed by July 1941; disbanded May 1943
    List of regiments of the Royal Artillery (1938–1947) - Wikipedia

    Extract from The War Years of F.N. Snowden
    The college course completed successfully, I was ordered to report to the 12th Field Training Regiment Royal Artillery at Gordon Barracks, Bulford, Wiltshire, on the A303 about 10 miles north of Salisbury.........
    .............I was 21 years old in a train under the River Severn on the 3rd April 1942 when the Training Regiment was moved to Aberystwyth, arriving on a wet Sunday in Wales with no pubs open to celebrate. We were billeted in empty boarding houses, drilling on the promenade in something of a holiday atmosphere while being admired by seaside visitors. Sun and sea bathing made the war seem far away. A women’s P.E. college had been evacuated there, plus the University students meant that there were many partners for the evening and weekend dances. Patent leather shoes had to be exchanged for the army boots with studs.
    BBC - WW2 People's War - The War Years of F.N.Snowden

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    Re: 224th LAA Training Regiment RA. There is a note in Carmarthen Sub Area War Diary of it's OC, Lt Col J Jervis Jones RA, visiting the Sub Area at its Carmarthen HQ. This is on 13 March 1942.
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    Re: 12th Field Training Regiment It is noted a few times in the Carmarthen Sub Area War Diary for 1942 and on 11 Sept 1942 its HQ was at Hotel Victoria Annexe. In Feb 1943 its C/O was Lt Col Lutyens Humfry MC.
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    Given the very precise details about 12 Trng Rgt in The War Years of F.N. Snowden I am inclined to believe the location of Borden on my site is wrong. I have several references to the dates of formation and disbandment and these all agree but only a single source gives the location. I have therefore ammended my site to show the location as Bulford and the subsequent move to Wales.
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    There were also ranges 8,000 + acres at Bronaber near Trawsfynedd from 1906.
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    Quote: ' I think it was a separate unit to 12th Field Regiment which has a War Diary for 1939-40 in WO166/1471'

    I had a look at this War Diary yesterday at Kew but 12 Field Regiment RA was a separate unit and was the resident unit at the School of Artillery at Larkhill from 1939-40.

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