13/18 Hussars. Tank Nos, Names, Crews.

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  1. Andy Sherriff

    Andy Sherriff Member

    Hi. My first post.
    I have scans of my father's Roll Book for his Sqn.
    He was Sgt. Sidney Sherriff.
    Perhaps, KevinT and others may be interested in these? Fully detailed entries.
    Anybody interest? Please email me [contactandy(at)btconnect(.)com]
    He was also in 8KRIH Korea. More photos available.
    Andy Sherriff
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  2. Tolbooth

    Tolbooth Patron Patron

    Welcome Andy.

    My father was also in 8KRIH in Korea so would be interested in the photos if you can post them. There's a few threads about Korea her already.
  3. Hello Andy,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Your father's Roll Book sounds extremely interesting! What was his Squadron in 13/18 H?

  4. Andy Sherriff

    Andy Sherriff Member

    Hi Michael
    A Sqn.
    But I'm a bit confused because it also says Protective Sgn, and I have no idea of what that means.
    I will post asap
  5. Andy Sherriff

    Andy Sherriff Member

    Hi John
    Dad was there 1950,1951 too!
    And also I/C a deep reconnassiance group. Daimler ACs and his Ferret(Dingo).
    I am trying to get his war records, but Army archives are so very slow. 2 reasons besides interest. Need records for his Ambassador for Peace Medal, and to document his Mentioned in Despatches by L Col Lowther.
    I will look to selecting photos (many) for posting.
    It would be good if yours and my dads knew each other, in fact they must surely have done.
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  6. Alex1975uk

    Alex1975uk Well-Known Member

    What years of info do you have? 1944/45?

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  7. SDP

    SDP Incurable Cometoholic

    Welcome and good to see you made it over here from Facebook.
    Steve Pannell
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  8. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Welcome to the board, Andy.

    I'm currently writing from South Korea and have an interest in Hong Kong and Malaya in the late-40s and early 50s.

    Please put me down as another vote for seeing your photographs and paperwork!
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  9. Andy Sherriff

    Andy Sherriff Member

    I will check to be precise
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  10. Andy Sherriff

    Andy Sherriff Member

    Here is the info from inside of the Roll Book.
    He came ashore on D-Day
    also his Certificate of Service

    Attached Files:

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  11. Andy Sherriff

    Andy Sherriff Member

    Sorry about the duplication. I an new to this forum format.
  12. Andy Sherriff

    Andy Sherriff Member

    I hope I am not becoming boring, but as promised, Dad's WW2 Sherman Roll Book scans. It would be wonderful if the entries benefited somebody. Tank names, Crew names etc.
    Tank names Endeavor, Enterprise, Vigilant

    Attached Files:

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  13. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian Patron

    Oh wow, those are really interesting, Andy! I've never seen records on that level before. It's interesting to see the civilian occupations of each man listed as well as their wartime information.
  14. Alex1975uk

    Alex1975uk Well-Known Member

    Great info!
    Looks like he got to France 23rd June 44 according to the dates?
  15. Andy Sherriff

    Andy Sherriff Member

    Apparently, he did go ashore on D-Day, but the entry is incorrect. He went ashore on foot but was only allocated his tank a day or so later. This is what he told my mother.
  16. Andy Sherriff

    Andy Sherriff Member

    Hi John,
    I picked up much interesting info from this chap, based in eastern USA. He seems to be a very precise model builder and historian. I found this very informative.

    Thankyou so very much re the dropbox info. I had better buy more printer ink!
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  17. Great information Andy! Thank you for posting it.

    Sherman III tanks T147169 (Vigilant) and T146968 (Enterprise) appear elsewhere in this forum, thanks to Tom O'Brien: War Diary - 27 Armd Bde Wksp REME - 1944

    27 Armd Bde Wksps, Jul 44:
    "H.Q. Squadron. Sherman III 147169 Modifications to wireless sets.
    Brigade H.Q. Sherman III 146968 Suspension o/h, W/T o/h, Repairs to Stabiliser."

    Note that the entry following 147169 is 146965, which might be a typo for 146956 (Endeavour):
    "H.Q. Squadron. Sherman III 146965 Modifications to wireless sets."

    It therefore appears that in July 1944 these tanks were part of HQ 27 Armd Bde and not 13/18 H. The tank names also do not fit with the naming patterns in either of its three armoured regiments. Finally, "1st Protective Troop" matches the Protection Troop, called Protective Troop (of 6 tanks, probably transferred to 8 Armd Bde on disbandment) in 27 Armd Bde HQ Sqn (see paragraph 12(a) in War Diary - 27 Armd Bde Wksp REME - 1944 - Post #21), whereas there was no Protection Troop in the armoured regiments.

    What makes you think your father was in 13/18 H in June 1944? Have you asked for his Service Record?

    My understanding is that he was first with 27 Armd Bde HQ Sqn and was then transferred to 13/18 H on disbandment, possibly as part of the "7 complete tank crews" mentioned in paragragh 13.

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  18. I have collated the known vehs in HQ 27 Armd Bde here.

  19. Andy Sherriff

    Andy Sherriff Member

    Thanks Michel. Really appreciate all this info. I asked for his Service Record months ago! Still waiting.
    I just wish he felt able to reveal his events. But that was never to be.
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