134102 Charles Alexander LARKING, Irish Guards

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    Personal Number: 134102
    Rank: Second Lieutenant
    Name: Charles Alexander LARKING
    Unit: Irish Guards

    London Gazette : 28 June 1940
    The undermentioned Cadets, from 164th, 165th, 166th, 167th, and 168th Officer Cadet Training Units, to be 2nd Lts. except as otherwise stated. 22nd June 1940:—
    I. G'ds.
    Charles Alexander LARKING (134102).

    London Gazette : 2 July 1940
    I. G’ds.
    Cadet Frank MENIN (137358), from i66th Officer Cadet Training (Regt., to be 2nd Lt. 22nd June 1940, with precedence next below 2nd Lt. C. A. LARKING (134102).

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