15th (Scottish) Division HQRA (CRA) December 1940 (WO 166/453)

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    Does anyone have a copy of this War Diary? I'm trying to find a bit more information on this entry on my grandfather's service records:

    11/12/1940 - Attchd H.Q.R.A 15 (S) Div

    Somehow I forgot to order the diary on my final trip to the archives and it's a flippin' long way to go for a quick look at a few of pages! If by any chance someone has and could upload the diary page(s) for December 1940 it would be most appreciated. There's nothing in his Regiment's diary(130 Fd. Regt.) for that period that gives any hint of what he might have been up to.

    I've got all of the HQRA 14th Div (1942) and 36th Div (1943-45) diaries, plus masses of stuff on 139th and 130th Field Regiments if they are of any use in return.

    Full details of the diary:

    WO 166/453
    DIVISIONS: 15TH. DIVISION: Commander Royal Artillery (CRA)
    1939 Sept.-1941 Dec.

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