1st Essex & 2nd Queens June 1945

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    Hello Mr. Ryan! Hope you can help me out again?

    Joslen has two battalions, 1st Battalion Essex Regiment and 2nd Battalion Queen's Regiment, under command of two brigades at the same time in India in 1945! Can you tell me which is correct?

    23rd British Brigade
    1 Essex 8.3.42 - 17.6.45
    2 Queens 24.10.44 - 17.6.45

    29th British Brigade
    1 Essex 25.5.45 - 31.8.45
    2 Queens 25.5.45 - 31.8.45

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    Although assigned to the 29th Brigade on May 25th, the both battalions did not leave the 23rd Brigade until June 17th, when they moved to Uruli Camp near Poona and joined the 29th Infantry Brigade. They remained there with the brigade until the end of the war.

    The Essex Regiment regimental history confirms it was not until June that it left 23rd Infantry Brigade. The Queen's Regiment history cites the exact date the Battalion moved to Uruli Camp near Poona as 21st June 1945, when it joined 29th Infantry Brigade.

    Although we treat Joslen as somewhat of a 'bible' of orders of battle, he was human and made some errors.
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    Excellent! Thank you very much!


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