1st or 4th Battalion Buffs 18.4.40 to 13.5.45

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    I've just had a quick look through the link and onto the archives page and found these pics does that mean it's the same or different information that I'll get from the archives with the other info I've asked for Screenshot_20180518-214705.png Screenshot_20180518-214716.png
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    So, the POW questionnaire came through from the National Archives, as many suggested it doesn't really hold much information but interesting none the less

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    I think it confirms quite a lot and gives you some good information ? He wasn't serving with the 4th Buffs he was captured at Gazala with the 1st battalion The Buffs. He was a PoW under Italian jurisdiction finding himself at P.G 65 (P.G.65 was a transit camp near Bari?) and P.G 70 (P.G. 70. Monturano (Fermo)).
    He was imprisoned at Stalag IVB Muhlberg and Stalag IVD at Torgau under the Germans and was put to work at Hohenpriessnitz (northwest Saxony) and D609 digging drainage ditches? Prior to enlistment he was a laundryman and appears to have been very well looked after by a German family who he mentions on the final page?

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    Just noticed your post from 18th May. You’ve turned up the TNA reference for his German POW Index Card that I flagged up in this link in one of my previous posts.


    TNA started cataloguing records of POW’s in Germany
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    D 607 - from the image - cant find anything for a location on either

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    Where can I go from now to find more info on him? Someone mentioned some war diaries, is that something I can post someone to get for me or do I have to do it myself being his great granddaughter
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    Thanks Steve

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