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    I am currently looking at operations of 1st Polish Armoured Division in August 1944, operations Totalize, Tractable and the closing of Falaise gap.

    Information seems to be a bit scarce or in Polish - funny that...

    I have General Maczek's operational report for the month and a copy of Mcgilvray's 'The Black Devils March - A Doomed Odyssey' but both are short on details and tank loss statistics.
    I have found a reference to a regimental history for the 10th Mounted Rifles (10PSK) which was one of regiments in the PAD but this was published in Nuremburg in 1947 and could be in Polish...

    If anyone has any war diaries or information on tank losses, etc that would be much appreciated.

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    From the Black Devils:

    10 PSK Losses 8 -27 August 1944
    Cromwells 16 des, 12 damaged = 28
    Stuarts.......4 des, 2 damaged = 6
    Other.........1 des, 2 damaged = 3

    Other regiments were:
    24th Uhlans (Lancers)
    1st Tank Regiment
    2nd tank Regiment

    But no more info on these 3 regiments...

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    Hi Pak 75

    These may not be the specific tanks you are looking for but they are census numbers seen on 1st Polish Armoured Division tanks in the UK and NWE.
    T187897, T187914, T187921, T187930, T187935, T187942, T187949, T187964, T187998, T189685
    T224229, T224267, T224268, T224273, T271169, T271200, T271222, T271234, T271240, T271325, T271347, T271353, T271383, T271434, T271450, T271529, T271530

    10th Mounted Rifles
    T187427, T187905, T187924, T188057, T188451, T188476

    Hope it is of some use.


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    Thanks Kevin
    As you mention UK I presume these are not knocked out tanks?

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    Attached is a more recent transcript of Maczek's report


    Edit - to big to upload.
    Report is on website Canadian Military History Journal Vol 15 issue 2

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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

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    The IWM have a film clip (A70 116-1) that shows the 1st Polish Armoured moving up through the 51 HD during Op Totalise. I have a copy only because the first 20 seconds have my father, centre stage, briefing his men.
    The (apparently) endless line of Polish tanks that constitute most of the film are non the less impressive.
  8. I'd love to see that, who knows perhaps my grandfather may be there! 24th Lancers Regiment (53), 1st Polish Armoured

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