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    I have managed to obtain the service records for my late father who served in the Royal Marines from August 1941-November 1945.

    Details are a bit sketchy but I have managed to verify all his postings except
    his posting with the 1st RM Group MNBDO 12th July 1942-May 1944.

    I do know he served in North Africa for some of the time because he was awarded the African Star, but where would he have been posted until May 1944?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    My Father's name and number was: Mne James Arthur Glew PO/X106238
  2. sgbg

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    Photograph of my father
    My Father1.jpg
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    Welcome Sgbg, here are some links that might help, M.N.B.D.O.
    'X' Organisation, Later MNBDO Nucleus: Formed autumn 1923 at Fort Cumberland. Men went to MNBDO I on its formation, though some skeleton AA units remained.
    MNBDO Group: The RM component of a RN Mobile Naval Base.
    MNBDO I: Formed 1/9/1939 for defence of Naval bases. Disbanded 9/1944.
    MNBDO II: Formed January 1941. Disbanded 5/1944.
    Fortress Unit I: Formed 8/1939 as defence units to install and man guns for Scapa Flow and other Naval bases. Also served in Iceland. Disbanded 1/1941 when absorbed into MNBDO II.
    Fortress Unit II: Formed 5/1940. It became the L & M Group of MNBDO II.
    Special Gun-mounting Party, RM: Formed 27/8/1939 to install coastal defense guns around major ports, including Yarmouth.
    3 Mobile Naval Base Brigade: Formed Summer 1943 to defend against Japanese amphibious and other raids on naval bases in Ceylon. Disbanded 14/5/1944, personnel remustered for LC crews.
    'MNB Group' with XXXIII Indian Corps: 1 RM AA Brigade HQ and 1st RM (Heavy) AA Regiment (and L & M Unit) from MNBDO I were sent to India from Ceylon in April 1943. Disbanded in January 1944. The Units of The Royal Marines
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    Thanks for your quick reply I have all my Father's posting except for the years I mentioned, i think he may have been posted to Ceylon or India after Egypt but not sure.
    Thanks for the info though.
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    Hi there

    Saw you were looking for details regarding your father. My father was also in MNBDO1 and I have just attached some photos of my father and some of his friends/colleagues, I can't tell if your father is in these photos though.

  6. Paul Barker

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    Hi there

    My uncle also served in MNBDO1 before moving to the 116 Infantry Brigade Royal Marines (I think I got the wording correct?!)

    His name was Frank Sumner, PLY/X108089, served between 1942 and 1946.

    I have his service records and a load of photographs from his time in the marines, but was wondering if you could possibly give me a little more information regarding the MNBDO1 group?
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    Have a look at the thread on this forum:

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    Hi - late arrival to this thread!

    My grandfather (Robert Allen) was also in MNBDO 1 and was one of those that sailed on the Garrett evacuation barge from Crete to Alexandra. He also served in Operation Agreement and was sunk three times (HMS Sikh, Coventry, Zulu) during the op.

    I'm at a very early stage of researching his records and all I know so far is he enrolled in London/Chatham (28/5/23) and he was attached to HMS Royal Oak (I have a photo of him in the football team with the Captain in 1932) and HMS Shropshire (1934-37).

    Robert John Allen CH 23349

    MNBDO 1 - 1/3/40 to 14/9/42
    MNBDO 1 21/3/43 to 10/5/44
    RMTG 11/5/44 to 12/4/45
    Discharged 12/4/45

    If I can find anything of interest I'll certainly add it to the thread.

  9. Richard Allen 1963

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    Some info on the Garrett barge evacuation from Crete.


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