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    I’ve recently joined the forum and looking for some help to try and confirm which battalion my Great Uncle served with. We know he was with the BEF in France with the A&SH. He joined in ‘39 so was in a territorial battalion. The records I’ve found on other websites give his status as unemployment list in 1942 so I can’t confirm his battalion

    Name is David Fyfe and rank was 2/Lt. From reading the fantastic resources on the forum I’m assuming he was in 154 brigade and part of Arkforce that got out from LeHavre. We also know he fought in Africa but not Italy. My Dad says he was in Sudan towards end of war but who with, we don’t know.
    Given that only 5 officers survived from 7ASH (if I’ve read that correctly from forums) , I’m assuming he was in 8ASH?
    Any help or pointers on where to look would be hugely appreciated.
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    Welcome to the forum Marianne, I have found details of one David Fyfe, 7 A & SH, 154 Brigade - but he is WW1. There may be others, so the only advice we can give is to send off for his official service records, they are ONLY available from the MOD.
    Get a copy of military service records

    Without them there is a big danger of researching the wrong man and you should remember that there are very little individual records available online, despite the impression some websites give. You DO NOT need any military information to apply.

    If you would like to post full name, date of birth, date of death and locations then perhaps it may be possible to track him down but it really is his records that you need.
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    Thanks for moving the post and the helpful suggestions on where to get started.

    The WW1 record is the Uncle of this D Fyfe (and my GG Uncle) He was taken as POW in 1917 and died of dysentery in 1918 at a POW camp in Germany. He’s buried in a CWG cemetery in Sedan, Ardennes.

    My GUncle was born in Madras, India on 16.11.15. He died in Scotland in Jul 1985 (lung cancer- smoked like a chimney). As far as we know he was in the army from 39-45 and in the A&SH all that time but I suspect I’ll need to get service records to corroborate this.
    Thanks again for the helpful suggestions
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    You could ask Drew5233 if he has the war diaries for those battalions & if he's mentioned in them.
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    Thanks Owen, I’ll do that.
    Kind regards

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