21st AG - Formation Patch for Phantom GHQ Liaison Regt

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    There are various photos of Phantom GHQ Liaison Regt in NWE within 21st AG... on many of them, the Formation Patch appears too light to be Blue on Red - as below:

    View attachment Phantom-21AG-Flash.bmp

    A friend of mine sent me this image (not sure what his source is):

    21st AG Formation Patch.jpg

    On this basis, would Phantom GHQ Liaison troops be wearing a Formation Patch of Blue on Yellow - hence explaining why the patch in the photo appears to be so light?

    Which is correct - can anyone confirm please - should the formation patch have a Red background, or Yellow?

    Many thanks

  2. Trux

    Trux 21 AG

    Which is correct? I would guess neither.

    Headquarters 2nd Army wore a blue cross on a white shield. Phantom personnel could wear the sign of the formation to which they were attached.

    LoC 21 Army Group seems less likely as they would not normally have need of Phantom.

  3. airborne medic

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    According to the Waring ID pamphlet the blue cross in yellow was also 'Hamburg District' but this would be post-war.....Also why no P flash????
  4. Packhow75

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    Sorry - perhaps lack of clarity on my behalf with the initial question.

    Only no "P" flash as this is worn on the right arm and this is a known quantity.

    So... for the left arm...

    Am trying to ascertain the correct formation sign for a Phantom Patrol member, specifically for Operation Market Garden - the Garden element, not the Market element

    I know which Phantom Patrol was dispatched direct from Phantom HQ to attempt to link up the the Airborne element at Arnhem on 19th Sept 44, for this they were independent and not attached to a corps.

    I want to confirm is what formation sign would have been worn, bearing in mind they would, I assume have been attached to 21st AG for this operation?

    Or... perhaps they were 2nd Army, hence the photo which may therefore be White background with Blue cross?


  5. Combover

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    The left arm usually had the higher formation badge, which should be, in this case, 2nd Army.
  6. Packhow75

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    Combover... thanks for the confirmation.



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