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    Hello folks,

    I am looking for any information, photos, association details of No 295 Sqn RAF, especially 1943.

    Attached is a 295 Sqn crew shot down over the Bay of Biscay on Op Beggar.



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  2. Peter Clare

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    Could this be the aircraft mentioned in the above post?

    27 June 1943

    295 Squadron
    Halifax EB135

    Missing from Operation Beggar. The glider it was towing was also lost. German forces claimed the combination had been intercepted by their aircraft over the Bay of Biscay.

    F/O. W R L. Horn RCAF +
    F/O. J A. Smith RCAF +
    W/O. M. Travale RCAF +
    Sgt. R B. Minchin +
    F/S. C H. West +
    Sgt. J. Stretton +
  3. Sussex by the Sea

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    Hi Peter,

    No it was the sortie on 14 Jun 43.

  4. horsapassenger

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    The aircraft was EE DK 130 piloted by W/O McCrodden, Sgt G R Hale 2nd Pilot. F/Sgt F C Payne Navigator, F/Sgt V J Norman Wireless Operator, Sgt H F Upperton, Rear Gunner and Sgt A Selves Flight Engineer. the Glider was LG 945 Flown by Sgts S Antonopoulos, D Hall and P Conway. they were reported shot down 100 miles N W of Cape Finisterre. The Glider crew were adrift for 11 days before being rescued.

    It was McCrodden's crew's second trip.

    Antonopoulos and Hall had been in a glider that had been forced to ditch in the sea a few days earlier on 3rd June - they were picked up very quickly on that occasion

    Horne and crew were making their 4th Turkey Buzzard flight when they went missing

  5. Peter Clare

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    295 Squadron loss 14 June 1943

    Halifax DK190

    W/O W A. McCrodden +
    Sgt. G R. Hale +
    Sgt. A. Selves +
    Sgt. H F. Upperton +
    F/S. F C. Payne +
    F/S. V J. Norman +
  6. Pete661

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    I know this post hasn't been active for over 4.5 years. I am taking a shot in the dark.
    I am looking for information on Halifax DK 131. Was last seen leaving Algeria 19 July 1943 after a refueling stop. Having left Sicily a few hours earlier.
    With an unknown amount of passengers onboard.

    When I saw the aircraft numbers DK 130, I became excited as this is the closet in a couple of months of research on anything close to DK 131
  7. KevinBattle

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    First time of seeing this thread, but astonishing that the RAF towed so many Horsa gliders to North Africa for the invasion of Siciliy.
    Had a quick look at Wiki which said
    I hope you find out more on DK131, the RAF Museum at Hendon I believe has Loss Cards, or more expert Pals here will advise if the fate of that specific aircraft can be established for you. The three Halifaxes lost appear to have been EB135; DK130 and DK190 if the earlier information is correct. The Squadron Code appears to have been "EE" at this time, but individual aircraft codes for these three not given.
    What info do you have that DK131 was also lost in Op Beggar?
  8. Tricky Dicky

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    Info request: RAF casualties' details? - Page 2
    Have come acxross this which needs verification (just in case some of the dual members of here and RAF commands read it)

    No.295 Sqn
    Halifax V DK131 'VV'
    Missing on ferry flight, Gibraltar-UK.
    Crew (Alpha order):
    1320257 Sgt Edward Alfred ANCELL RAFVR + (Runnymede Mem.)
    124853 F/O John Winship BEWICK RAFVR + (Malta Mem.)
    R/143634 F/Sgt Robert Henry COWLEY RCAF + (Runnymede Mem.)
    1507319 Sgt William Herbert SHAW RAFVR + (Runnymede Mem.)
    1289980 Sgt Russell Edward TOMLIN RAFVR + (Runnymede Mem.)
    1479623 F/Sgt Joseph TRAVIS RAFVR + (Runnymede Mem.)
    All the above needs confirmation.

    There is also an interesting read generally on Halifax's towing Horsa's to Africa here Full text of "Airfix Magazine 1976 10" about 1/3rd the way down or Control 'F' insert Halifax and away you go

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  10. alieneyes

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    From the attached, all one can say is "What a mess"

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  11. Pete661

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    That is fantastic!. May I ask where you might have found the document? I would like to find more information if possible.I know there might not be enough to go on. Worth a try.
  12. E.H.

    E.H. New Member

    Hi, May I ask if you managed to locate any further information on Halifax DK131?
    If the information within Tricky Dicky's post turns out to be correct, then my great uncle F/Sgt Joseph Travis was also on DK131 and I would be interested to learn more.
  13. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Hi EH

    Perhaps, if you not already, you might want to obtain his service records which should enlighten you as to where he was and with which unit when the incident happened.
    These records can only be ontained from the MOD and the application forms can be found at this link - Requests for personal data and service records: a detailed guide

  14. E.H.

    E.H. New Member

    Thanks for your help Tricky, I'll give that a try.
  15. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    It may give you sufficient in a timeline sense to pin down if he was in the right area at the right time

    Let us know how you get on
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    According to Colin Cummings' "Though Without Anger - Loss of Transport and Special Duties Aircraft and Assault Gliders 1940 to 1945" your great uncle was aboard this aircraft.

    His entry reads:

    19-Jul-43 DK131 Halifax V 295 Sqn Missing 6
    The aircraft was returning to UK after delivering a glider to North Africa. It failed to arrive in UK and there
    is no indication of its fate. It is known, however, that the aircraft was refuelled at Ras El Ma but that was the
    last heard or seen of it. The crew had already made three successful round trips to North Africa, towing
    gliders and hence would have been experienced and alert to the hazards posed by this particular journey.
    Flying Officer John Winston BEWICK 29 Pilot
    Sergeant Edward Alfred ANCELLE 20
    Sergeant William Herbert SHAW 21
    Sergeant Russell Edward TOMLIN 22
    Flight Sergeant Joseph TRAVIS 26
    Flight Sergeant Robert Henry COWLEY 28 RCAF


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  17. alieneyes

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    Sorry, Pete, just seeing your message now.

    That document was found in the service file of the RCAF member of the crew.


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  18. wingit

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    My mum was a WAAF attached to 295 Squadron, she told many very moving stories from her time there. When she had done her "apprenticeship" driving what she affectionately terms "the sh*t wagon", she graduated to her own Carrier Bantam, which she worshipped and maintained herself, and doubled up as the Staff Sergeant's driver. She was with them between (I think) 1942 to 1946 when she was demobbed and the Squadron was disbanded. The Staff Sergeant himself embroidered her a special Squadron Badge to commemorate her service, as she had virtually no status despite her faithful and appreciated service. She gave this to me just before she died in October 2017, aged 94. I have also found an interesting film clip on YouTube from the Australian War Memorial - it is of short Stirlings towing gliders on Op Market - just happens to be using footage of 295 Squadron. It can be found here:

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