29th Armoured Brigade war diaries

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  1. baxterwood

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    Does any reader have copies of 29th Armd. Brigade war diaries from mid. July 1944 particularly concerning Operation Goodwood, please?

  2. neilt

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    Dear Peter,

    Have you looked at the unit documents thread: War Diary - 29th Armoured Brigade, Operation Goodwood, Normandy?

    What is your particular interest in the 29th Armoured Brigade?

    I have copies of the 29th Armoured brigade war diaries from 1944 to 1945.

    I used the services of Drew5233, who went to the National Archives for me and sent me copies on a disc - he also has copies of the disc.

    Please send me a private message with your address if you want me to send you copies.


    Neil Turner
  3. Ben_Mayne

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    In currently interviewing a d-day vet of the East Riding yeomanry that fell into the above. The diaries are excellent and has opened up so much more.
  4. Little Jimmy

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    Brig. Roscoe Harvey of 29th Armoured Brigade. The 29th ended up at Schleswig /Moldenit and the H.Q. Manor House Gut Winning. Brig. Harvey save the People of Schleswig Holstein for getting Russian Zone. He got the order from Major Gen. PIP Roberts at the Lüneburg Heath, to go as fast as possible to Lübeck, closing the Line between Hamburg and Lübeck on the Baltic Sea. He made it just in Time. Getting to know through the swedish Secrete Service, that the Russians are not thinking of stopping east of Lübeck. This fact is mentioned in seveal Books and Documents.. Because of this fact, and also that Brig. Harvey was very fair and Gentlemen to the People of Moldenit /area. The People of this Area are planing to Name an ALLEE leading to the Manor Hous Winning Brigadier Roscoe Harvey Allee. Read more: GOOGLE Archy Eu Roscoe Harvey road for Schaalby:

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