2nd Armored Div, 67th Reg

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    Good day all,
    I just came across this website and am greatly overjoyed at the wealth of knowledge here. I was hoping to get some guidance or to see if anyone knew where to start looking. I'm trying to do some research on the 2nd Armored Div, 67th Reg during World War 2 specifically during Operation Torch in North Africa. I'm trying to find out what their TO&E would be for what type of equipment they would have had. I know that for the majority they were a medium regiment fielding M4A1 Shermans and M5A1 Stuarts, but what was the makeup. Also if I could get some information on what part of Operation Torch they took part in. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Haven't got it to hand but try and get hold of a copy of Hell on Wheels by Houston, the Division's history.
    For less text and more pictures, I think there is a more recent Osprey(?) 'Spearhead' paperback on the Div - I keep seeing it as remaindered stock around and about.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

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    I will def. have to look into those resources. Thank you for the heads up.

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