2nd Duke of Wellington's Regiment 18/9/42 to 19/10/43

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    I am trying to track down the movements and command for the 2nd Duke of Wellington's Regiment from when it left 106th Indian Infantry Brigade (ex-1st Burma Brigade) upon its arrival at Ranchi on September 18th, 1942 to convert to the Divisional Support Battalion for the 39th Indian Light Division until it joined the 23rd British Infantry Brigade (Special Force) on October 19th, 1943 on arrival at Chartarpur near Jhansi.

    The only note I have regarding the Battalion between these two times is that it became the Support Battalion on October 24th, 1942. I assume it was still in Ranchi at the time along with five other battalions of 17th and 39th Indian Light Divisions that were converting to Support and Brigade Recce Battalions.

    Any details for this period would be most helpful. The regimental history has nothing for this period. Based on other evidence, I think that the 2nd DWR left Ranchi in March 1943 since this is the date that the 39th Light Division was to be ready for operations. Probably leaving at the same time were the 1/11th Sikh Regiment to 106th Indian Brigade and 2/13th Frontier Force Rifles to 113th Indian Brigade, though these are not confirmed.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I can only confirm that 2nd DWR was still in Ranchi by December 31st, 1942. Unfortunately I only have WDs for 1942. From Nicholls' "Blow the Bridge" they were still in Ranchi after Christmas 1942, as he was writing about how he was given command of Bren carrier section after it and he trained for several months in that role, but he is not providing any references to dates or even months. He was injured and left Battalion before they were moved from Ranchi as he was sent there in the hospital after he had accident on training. That is the only info I could find, sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
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    Thanks for the information. Every little piece helps.

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